Liverpool John Moores University has been at the centre of a twitter storm, with rumours spreading online that a member of staff had been sacked after making transphobic remarks.

That staff member was Nina Edge, an art tutor holding a temporary post at the university. It is not true that she has been sacked, she is still teaching, and a meeting was held on Wednesday 31st October to reintegrate her with students .

However, it is true that students voiced concerns about her online conduct in a meeting the week previous.

Mature student Gold, who attended the meeting said: “I don’t agree with her views – they’re violent, they’re horrible. She has no right to call herself a feminist.”

She further added: “A lot of us were worried about the space being safe, and maybe more discrimination coming out and it coming into physical action.”

However, Gold never wanted Nina to be sacked: “A lot of us actually left the meeting saying we didn’t want her to be fired, because we were aware that she would become a martyr for other right wing feminists.”

Gold would like to make clear she is speaking only for herself and not on behalf of the university or the LGBTQ community.

The student meeting was called after @thewhitepube exposed Nina Edge as the the person who runs the @welshstreets twitter account.

These are some examples of things tweeted by Nina:

The White Pube (made up of Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente) are self proclaimed “art critic baby gods”, they brought Nina’s tweets to attention of students at LJMU.

They also labelled Nina a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist, a pejorative term applied to gender critical feminists), these are their thoughts on TERFs:

Here are a selection of their tweets, explaining their views on free speech, transphobia, and Self ID:

However, many in Liverpool support Nina, including women’s rights group Liverpool ReSisters who previously received press attention with their sticker protest.

They had this to say on Nina’s situation:

“She is a committed and creative anti-racist and feminist, and has spent her life defending the rights of all members of the community, especially minorities, and including the rights of trans people to live free of abuse and discrimination.

We absolutely condemn the actions of a few people in attempting to discredit her, tar her as a bigot, and target her employment and livelihood in this city, purely on the basis of her defence of women’s rights and safety.

Encouraging women to submit their views to the government consultation on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, and expressing a view that self-id would be dangerous to women and girls is not a bigoted or transphobic position and the vast majority of people agree.

Liverpool ReSisters is totally in support of Nina Edge, an artist and community activist, and a woman of colour, who has contributed so much to the cultural, artistic and progressive life of Liverpool, including dedicating the last fourteen years of her life to defending the lives and homes of the Welsh Streets community in the heart of Liverpool 8.”

Liverpool John Moores University released only the following statement:

“We are aware of the current discussions about a member of our staff and their recent comments in relation to transgender issues. These matters are being dealt with under our normal HR procedures, which are in place to support all students and staff at LJMU. We do not plan to comment further.”

Nina Edge and The White Pube were both contacted for comment but have not responded at the time of publication.

What do you think? Are students at risk? Is expressing opposition to self ID transphobic? Have your say in the comments!